State Farm Commercial Song: Chris Paul and Oscar Nuñez Singing in the Car

State Farm Commercial - Chris Paul and Oscar Nuñez

State Farm Insurance has released a new commercial starring Chris Paul. This time, he and his new State Farm agent, Cole Perez (played by actor/comedian Oscar Nuñez) are going places and show off their singing skills.

The 60-second spot, dubbed “Grand Tour”, features the Houston Rockets point guard holding Perez’ business card (with the text “Born to be your agent” hand-written on it) to help him recognize Perez, who came by his new house to ask him how the move is going. “I get it, new house, new truck, this move’s a big deal for your family. But it looks like you could use a breather. Let’s roll!” – Perez tells Paul, who’s happy that the guy read his mind. As they hit the road and go places, including a bowling alley and a fast-food restaurant, Paul comes to realize that he and his new agent have more in common than he would have imagined. But the most surprising is, definitely, their preference for the 1999 hit single “I Want It That Way” by the boy band Backstreet Boys. During a car ride, they both start singing this song, at first slowly and then as loud as possible, until they see James Harden and Trevor Ariza on the side of the road, waiting for their car to be towed by a State Farm provider as part of the company’s Roadside Assistance services. When asked if they need a ride, Paul’s teammates give different answers, but finally they both get in Perez’ car. In the end, it turns out that also Ariza has quite good singing skills, while Harden remains as serious as he was before getting in the car.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Get an agent that gets you.” and with the insurance company’s tagline, “Here to help life go right”.

The Emergency Road Service coverage offered by State Farm includes mechanical labor at the breakdown site (up to one hour), delivery of gas, oil, a battery, or a replacement tire necessary to return a covered vehicle back to driving condition, towing if the covered car is stuck on or immediately next to a public road, towing to the nearest repair location if the covered vehicle is not drivable, and locksmith labor to unlock a covered car if its key is lost, stolen, or locked inside the car (up to one hour).

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