Spotify Commercial Song – Ed Sheeran Eating Gingerbread Man

Ed Sheeran Eating Gingerbread Man in Spotify Commercial

Spotify celebrates Ed Sheeran, who was named “the most-streamed artist of 2017”, with a hilarious commercial, inviting people to listen to all the year’s top hits at Spotify website.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “The Ginger Ed Man”, opens with a red-haired gingerbread man (made to look like a gingerbread man version of Ed Sheeran) on a plate singing the English artist’s latest hit single “Perfect”. As the spot goes on, the plate is seen being dragged away and the cookie being taken by Ed Sheeran himself who, after staring a little bit at the performer, eats his head. The music stops, but Sheeran, who’s sitting in an armchair by the Christmas tree, doesn’t stop from eating.

Onscreen lines read “Congrats, Ed Sheeran. The most-streamed artist of 2017”. “Perfect”, from Sheeran’s third studio album, “÷”, reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 this month (December 2017), and also peaked at number one in sixteen other countries. Two versions of this single, one titled “Perfect Duet” and another one titled “Perfect Symphony”, have been released this month, on December 1 and December 15, respectively, featuring Beyoncé and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

“Perfect” can be bought at Amazon for $0.69. The duet versions are priced at $1.29 each. The “÷” album, available in several formats, can be bought for prices ranging between $5.00 and $22.05.

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