Specsavers Christmas Advert Song: Useless Elves

Specsavers Christmas TV Advert - Useless Elves

The Useless Elves are back in a new Specsavers advert, this time with a song.

The spot features the elves in their department, where they have come up with the elf-replacement robot Alphatron 3000, showcasing other unusual gifts created by them, such as a soap on a rope, a springy thing, footless socks, a mooning gnome, a zoo of ants, a piano tie, and flamingo slippers.

“Day and night we work in shifts to make those awful Christmas gifts. It isn’t done to please ourselves, we make ’em cos we’re Useless Elves.” – a trio of Useless Elves sing dancing in sync and continuing then to list the gifts that come out of their department, including decorations made of string, toilet tea cups, coatless hoods, little clogs made out of wood, knitted hats for toilet rolls.

The song goes on with the elves singing as follows: “Day and night we work non stop to clutter up the Christmas shops, useless stuff on all the shelves, we make it cos we’re Useless Elves.” Another series of gifts invented by the Useless Elves are shown off, starting with some chattering teeth and continuing with Norwegian trolls, lovely signs, and forest pine pot pourrit balls.

“All the year we make this stuff we know that you can’t get enough, it isn’t done to please ourselves, we make ’em cos we’re Useless Elves.” – they also sing.

The advert ends with the tagline “Get something more useful this Christmas, like an eye test” and with the invitation for viewers to book online at Specsavers.

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