President’s Choice Commercial Song – Eating Together

President's Choice Commercial - Eat Together

“We grow up eating together. Why do we stop?” – this is the question raised in the latest President’s Choice commercial, part of the brand’s initiative of getting Canadians to put down their phones, close their computers and #EatTogether again.

The 90-second spot, aiming to highlight that people are “Meant to #EatTogether”, features a young woman’s coming-of-age, capturing a variety of moments from her early years to her teen years when she ate in the company of her family and friends and illustrating that this simple habit strengthened her relationship with them. Soundtracked by the 1965 hit song “I Got You Babe”, performed by Sonny & Cher, the commercial ends with the young woman eating a sandwich for lunch at her desk, at work, with her earphones on, and stopping for a moment, most probably because she recalled all those beautiful moments from her life, when she bonded with dear ones over food, to look around her. As she takes the earphones off, the music stops and the camera pans to reveal that her colleagues are having their lunch at their desks, as well, focused on their laptops, seemingly with no desire to interact.

“We grow up eating together. Why do we stop? This year, let’s #EatTogether” – onscreen lines read at the end of the spot.

Loblaw’s iconic private brand launched the #EatTogether concept at end of 2016, on December 31st, more precisely, when it released the #EatTogether film, meant to celebrate the time spent together over food and the connections people make through food.

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