Prada The Postman Dreams 2 Commercial Song – Amber Valletta Kissing Elijah Wood

Prada The Postman Commercial - Amber Valletta Kissing Elijah Wood

Prada continues its “The Postman Dreams 2” short movie series, part of the brand’s “The Postman’s Gifts” project for the  holiday season, with a third installment, titled “The Punch”.

Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Autumn de Wilde, the film stars Elijah Wood as the postman who must deliver, this time, a gift box to someone in a tower. After receiving coordinates over the phone from an Italian young lady, he finally arrives at the recipient, who reveals to be a gorgeous blonde woman (played by Amber Valletta) who knocks her boyfriend down with a punch during an argument. However, her mood changes completely after opening the gift. Seeing the iconic Prada Galleria bag and feeling its texture, Valletta, who passed from rage to euphoria in a few instants, kisses the postman, leaving him speechless. Finally, the same woman who has given him instructions on where to go for this delivery informs him that his next delivery will be at sunset, with the same coordinates.

The soundtrack music is “Sealed with a Kiss” by singer/songwriter Christian Wargo.

“The Postman Dreams 2”, including four main stories, debuted with “The Bogey”, in which the heroine is actress Emma Roberts, who played herself, and continued with “The Troublemaker”, in which Elijah Wood’s Postman and Sasha Frolova begin a cat-and-mouse game as the latter refuses to accept her Prada Galleria bag without a good chase.

After “The Punch”, a fourth and last chapter, called “The Elevator”, is set to be released.

Autumn de Wilde has also worked on “The Postman’s Gifts” series, focused on key Prada accessories, in which several women interact with their accessories.

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