Nationwide Building Society Crimbo Limbo Advert Song – Comedy Duo Flo & Joan

Flo & Joan - Nationwide Building Society Advert

British mutual financial institution Nationwide Building Society has launched a new advert, starring comedy duo
Flo & Joan.

The 60-second spot features the two British-born, Toronto-based artists, who are sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, singing a song about the period between Christmas and the New Year, which they called the Crimbo Limbo.

The song’s lyrics are the following:

There are five little days
Spent in a gravy haze
that happen between Christmas and New Year
The big day was fun
but stick a fork in you, you’re done
you’re feeling a dip in festive cheer

You park it on the couch
shoving biscuits in your mouth
in your legs you can’t feel a thing-o
You can quench your party thirst
on the thirty-first
but for now you’re in the Crimbo Limbo

Crimbo Limbo
where your family are tolerable
shoving chocolate in your belly
as you fight over the telly
then hoover up another sausage roll
The Crimbo Limbo
you can sleep sixteen hours a day
calories don’t count until the New Year comes around
until then, that’s the Crimbo Limbo way

The advert ends with Nationwide Building Society “wishing you all a very merry week-after-Christmas”.

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