McDonald’s Friends Commercial – The Fries We Share

McDonald's Friends Commercial

“The holidays are for sharing, and so are our fries.” – this is the message conveyed by McDonald’s in its latest
ad, released with the hashtag #TheFriesWeShare and inviting people to tag a friend they’d share fries with.

The spot, titled “Best friends”, opens with two teenage girls hanging out, eating McDonald’s fries in bed and laughing out loud. They are seen going places and doing all kind of things, some of them funny, some of them serious, and always sharing fries. When one of them moves away, they both cry and feel that nothing will be the same again, but it turns out that, even at distance, they can still share fries.

“Our fries are meant to be shared.” – final onscreen line reads before the invitation to “Tag a friend you would share fries with.” appears on screen, as well.

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