Kia Christmas Dog Commercial Song – Family Is The Best Gift

Kia Christmas Dog Commercial

Kia Motors reminds us, in its Christmas commercial, titled “The Gift”, that “Family is the best gift” and urges us to build lasting memories with our loved ones.

The one to deliver this message is a labrador retriever who finds himself neglected during the Christmas season, when his family are all busy with shopping, decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts and preparing meals. The dog is seen trying to bond with the kids, but apparently they just want to play with their new toys, without involving him, then chewing a toy by the Christmas tree and having it taken away by the dad, and being banned from touching the pie put on the table. He thus ends up playing alone with a ball on the stairs and, when becoming overwhelmed by sadness and loneliness, goes to sit on his pillow, near his inanimate fellow, a small stuffed dog. One night, looking through the window, he sees a family on the street, with a little girl holding a puppy in her arms and decides to remind his family that he matters, too, and he is a gift, as well. How he does that? He presses a button on the car keys with his paw, opening the truck of the family’s KIA vehicle, where a bunch of gift boxes are waiting to be unloaded, and goes to sit among them. This does ring a bell for the entire family, who then start petting him and show him affection.

The commercial, ending with the onscreen line “Family is the best gift”, is soundtracked by an emotional song that captures the dog’s feelings and delivers a message that we all should always remember, that “Love is the key”.

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