ITV2 2018 Series: Release The Hounds – Season 4 (Trailer Song)

Release The Hounds Season 4 - ITV2 2018 Series

ITV has launched the trailer for the fourth season of Release The Hounds, set to premiere January 11th, with a
Love Island Special.

“It’s time to go back to the woods. Time to give celebrities the freight of their lives. With uncensored thrills and hardcore danger, pushed to the very edge.” – the voiceover says in the promo, soundtracked by Royal Blood’s hit
single “Figure It Out”.

The ITV2 game show, which will be hosted by Matt Edmondson starting this season, is filmed in a forest from dusk through the night and follows groups of three celebrities as they experience horror themed physical and mental challenges.

The Halloween Special saw The Only Way Is Essex stars Chris Clark, his brother Jon Clark, Courtney Green and
Chloe Meadows taking on the challenge of surviving the horrors of the woods and outrun the dogs. Among the scenarios they ended up in are getting cornered in a possessed church and being kidnapped by the Jigsaw puppet from Saw.

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