Uber Commercial Music – Boxes

Uber Commercial with Boxes

Uber shows in its latest commercial what happens when single-person box-cars overflow a city.

The spot, soundtracked by Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman’s song, “The Bare Necessities”, written by Terry Gilkyson, from the animated 1967 Disney film The Jungle Book, presents a city suffocated by people “driving” box-cars. Various issues related to traffic congestion, such as drivers who are a bundle of nerves, desperately looking for parking in the crowded city, pedestrians in danger even on the crosswalk, are also illustrated.

The commercial is part of Uber’s Unlocking Cities campaign, aiming to raise awareness on the effects of using our cars during peak hours and determine us to start sharing rides in order to “unlock our cities” and create, thus, more space to live.

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