Toyota Prado Kakadu Commercial Song – Man Going from the Wilderness to a Wedding

Toyota Prado Kakadu Commercial

Toyota Australia showcases the new Toyota Prado Kakadu and some of its most important features in a new commercial, released with the tagline “Luxury that goes anywhere”.

The spot, available as 15-, 30-, and 60-second versions, features a man with long hair and beard going out of the wilderness and getting into his Toyota Prado that he drives through rough landscapes to get to a wedding.

On his way, he stops by a sheep farm and has its hair cut with sheep shears, gets himself a pair of elegant leather shoes from a trailer full of shoe boxes which his SUV tows easily, stops by a tailor and has a custom-made suit, and, before going into the city, passes through a field of flowers to make the car shine and put a flower at the pocket of his suit.

Throughout the ad, various features are showcased, including the Start/Stop Engine button, Kakadu’s KDSS, Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select system, that allows drivers to conquer “the steepest of mountains” or navigate “the roughest of landscapes”, the new 3 tonne braked towing capacity, the Forward Collision Warning system, included in the Toyota Safety Sense Plus package, that uses radar and camera to identify imminent threats and warns the driver with a visible and audible alert, and the Automatic Emergency Braking, that applies the brakes to reduce the car’s speed and help mitigate the impact, as well as the Prado’s new redesigned interior, with ventilated leather accented seats and even a refrigerated cool box.

“Arrive in style in the new Prado Kakadu.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which is soundtracked by Mozart’s “Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Papagena” from The Magic Flute.

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