Toyota Commercial Song – 2018 Winter Olympic Speed Skater Sugar Todd

Toyota showcases its range of Sports vehicles in a new commercial starring US Olympic Team speed-skater Sugar Todd.

The 50-second spot, titled “It Takes a Village”, and aiming to highlight that a small town can make a big difference in the life of an Olympian, features Sugar, who is also a Team Toyota member, undergoing her rough training routine and passing through a village where people are seen on the side of the road greeting her and holding posters with encouraging messages, like “Go Sugar” and “We love you Sugar”.

The commercial, soundtracked by “Crazy Beautiful Life” by Thomas Hien & Scott Chesak, ends with the brand’s tagline, “We make it a Toyota. You make it a sports car”.

The spot, that premiered on Sunday evening during “NBC Sunday Night Football”, is the automaker’s first U.S. 2018 Winter Olympic ad-spot and follows a video titled “Getting to know Sugar Todd”, that presents Sugar revealing various things about herself, from the songs she’s listening to while training, her training tips, her favorite meals, her favorite series, and more.