T-Mobile iPhone X Commercial Music – Couple Using Animoji on the iPhone X

T-Mobile iPhone X Commercial - Couple Using Animoji

T-Mobile shows us “the magic of iPhone X” in a new commercial, highlighting that you can now purchase the newest iPhone at T-Mobile, on “America’s Best Unlimited Network”.

The spot features a guy using animoji in a group conversation to leave a message for his girlfriend. “Hey, girl. I miss you.” – he says, winking at the end, and a puppy is seen doing the same thing. (Note: Animoji use the Face ID hardware face-scanning features to create custom 3D versions based on the user’s own facial expressions). “I can’t wait to see my snuggle bug.” – his girlfriend answers. At this point, their friends included in the group chat intervene, teasing them.

“Hey, snuggle bugs. You realize this is a group chat?” – a robot head asks. “Akhwaaaard!” – an unicorn adds.

The commercial, featuring Barry White’s song “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”, ends with the voiceover saying “When words aren’t enough, the magic of iPhone X on America’s Best Unlimited Network. Right now, get $300 off iPhone X at T-Mobile.”

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