Samsung Galaxy iPhone Parody Commercial Song – iPhone User Who Switches to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy iPhone Parody

Samsung has taken a new jab at Apple’s iPhones via a new commercial, inviting people to “upgrade to Samsung”.

The 60-second spot, titled “Growing Up”, aiming to highlight the benefits of Galaxy devices over iPhone, features a loyal iPhone user, who’s got himself the first iPhone in 2007, when it was launched, and continued to buy newer versions as they appeared, despite the issues he encountered, such as the impossibility of taking photos when he really wanted to because “there is not enough available storage”. As the commercial continues and the story unfolds, the guy, whose name is Erik, is shown back in 2013, in college, where he met his girlfriend, a Samsung user. From this moment on, his experience with iPhone is featured in contrast with the girl’s experience with Samsung, that introduced the S Pen before Apple, enabling users to do things faster, ensured that their devices are water-proof, and provided wireless chargers.

The spot, soundtracked by Chyvonne Scott’s single “I’m moving on”, ends with the protagonist putting his iPhone in a drawer and getting himself a Samsung. He sends a message with the same question he asked (at the beginning of the spot) after he had bought the highly-anticipated iPhone, “Guess what I just got!”. Later on, while passing by a queue of people waiting for the upcoming iPhone (coming to November 2017), he just looks at a guy and then crosses the street with the look on his face expressing his incapacity of understanding the reason why those people would still want an iPhone when they can upgrade to Samsung.

The Korean tech giant is known for mocking its rivals, especially Apple, having in its “portfoglio” several campaigns including ads mocking Apple.

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