Raintimes – Raintimes (Album Tracklist)

Raintimes (Album)

Raintimes’s debut album, titled ‘Raintimes’ and featuring “I See The Light” and “Just A Little Bit More”, is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2017, by Frontiers Music.

The album is available for pre-order on Amazon as MP3 ($9.49) or Audio CD ($11.99).

Produced By: Davide Barbieri & Pierpaolo Monti
Studio: PriStudio
Recorded By: Davide Barbieri & Pierpaolo Monti
Mixed BY: Roberto Priori
Mastered BY: Roberto Priori


1. Forever Gone
2. Make My Day
3. Don’t Ever Give Up
4. Swan
5. I Need Tonight
6. Raintimes
7. Just A Little Bit More
8. Empty Days
9. Together As Friends
10. Missing Piece
11. I See The Light

Band Members:

Michael Shotton – Lead & Backing Vocals
Iván González – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Sven Larsson – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Davide Barbieri – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Andrea Gipponi – Bass & Fretless Bass
Pierpaolo Monti – Drums & Percussion

Special Guests:

Niclas Olsson – Keyboards on “I Need Tonight”
Philip Lindstrand – Backing Vocals on “I Need Tonight”
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards & Backing Vocals on “Just A Little Bit More”
Erica Trovato: Backing Vocals on “Together As Friends”
Jesús Espín: Backing Vocals on “Missing Piece”
Daniel Flores: Percussion on “I See The Light”
Michele Luppi: Keyboards on “I See The Light”

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