Pandora Jewellery Christmas Advert Song – Women Giving Gift Clues to Partners

Woman in Pandora Jewellery Commercial

Danish jewellery manufacturer and retailer PANDORA shows off its Christmas 2017 collection in a new advert running in the UK, urging men to “Celebrate magical moments this Christmas with a gift she’ll never forget from PANDORA’s sparkling collections”.

The 60-second spot, titled “DO Get What You Wish For”, features several men finding all kind of clues as to what their life partners want for Christmas. One of them finds a piece of paper with the image of a PANDORA ring on it in the pockets of his pants, another one finds the word “necklace” in the crossword he’s about to solve in a newspaper, another one, who is in his garage, repairing a motorcycle, sees his girlfriend coming in and putting on a washer on her middle finger to make him understand she wants a ring, another one finds the picture of a necklace in a sock, and another one also finds a picture of a PANDORA bracelet in his backpack.

The advert ends with the woman who put the washer on her finger unwraping her Christmas gift and finding a pot.

Encouraged to look in it, she finds a smaller gift box inside the pot, containing a PANDORA set, including a ring, earrings and a necklace.

The song playing in the background is the 2014 single “Don’t Give Up On Love” by Daniel Farrant and James Knight, included on the 2014 album “Crooners & Swooners”, that features tracks by various artists.

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