Paloma Faith – The Architect (Album Tracklist)

Paloma Faith - The Architect

Paloma Faith’s new album ‘The Architect’ featuring “Kings and Queens”, “Evolution”, “Love Me As I Am”, and “Lost and Lonely” is out now and available for purchase on Amazon as MP3 ($11.99 ), Audio CD ($22.99) or Vinyl ( $25.64).


1. Evolution (Paloma Faith feat. Samuel L. Jackson)

2. The Architect

3. Guilty

4. Crybaby

5. I’ll Be Gentle (Paloma Faith & John Legend)

6. Politics of Hope (Paloma Faith feat. Owen Jones)

7. Kings and Queens

8. Surrender

9. Warrior

10. ‘Til I’m Done

11. Lost and Lonely

12. Still Around

13. Pawns (Paloma Faith feat. Baby, Nym, & Janelle)

14. WW3

15. Love Me As I Am

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