Müller Rice 5 Grains Singing Bears Commercial Song

Müller Commercial - Singing Bears

Müller has released a new TV ad to promote the new Müller Rice 5 Grains, which is “wholegrain, low in fat, tasty and fruity”.

The spot features four grizzly bears, each representing and named after the grains included in the brand’s new
yogurt: Wheat, Barley, Millet, and Spelt, who joined Rice and formed “The 5 Grains Crew”. They are sporting different fur/hair styles and accessories (Wheat, the DJ, is sporting a heavy golden chain with a 5-shaped pendant at his neck, Barley is wearing a wig aiming to make him look like an Afro-American and a text pendant featuring “GRR”, Millet features, instead, dreadlocks, and Spelt a High Fade & Loose Pompadour haircut) and sing about the grains in the new Müller Rice 5 Grains, that is tasted by a young man at the end of the spot.

The bears are also seen dancing to the rhythms of the 1995 single “I Got 5 On It” by American hip hop duo Luniz, from their debut album, “Operation Stackola”.

Müller Rice 5 Grains, available in Original and Blueberry varieties, hit the shelves earlier this fall, on the 25th of September, The rice pot is sold in single packs of 180g as well as packs of 4.

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