Julep Commercial Song – Throw Anything at Me (Woman Kicking Things)

Woman in Julep Commercial

Seattle-based cosmetics company Julep has released a commercial titled “Throw Anything at Me” to promote
its Cushion Complex, described as “the versatile everyday skin perfector that makes taking on whatever life throws at you easier than ever”.

The spot, based on the idea that, every day, women are bombarded with so much pressure and aiming to highlight the innate power women have and the extra dose of confidence a little makeup gives, features a young woman presented as “Any given woman” on “any given day” applying the Julep Cushion Complex in her car and dealing afterwards easily with all the things life throws at her. She is seen in the middle of the street, showing off her fighting moves against all kind of objects coming her way, from bills, e-mails, emojis and texts (illustrating unwanted sexual advances and relationship issues) magazines (illustrating unrealistic beauty standards and the social pressures on women regarding how they are supposed to look and act), a man holding two glasses of wine, who ends up fallen on his face, and even a washing machine (illustrating domestic stereotypes), that she smashes with a kick.

The film, soundtracked by original music composed by Squeak E. Clean Productions, is presented as a celebration of “every #BravePretty woman out there” and encourages women to “face every obstacle, every challenge, every glass ceiling as a chance to say Bring. It. On”.

The Cushion Complex is described as a 5-in-1 Perfector featuring “a natural, demi-matte finish with buildable medium-to-full coverage that conceals, corrects, illuminates, blurs & brightens”. Available in eighteen different shades, it can be purchased for $30.

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