Jimmy Choo Commercial Song – Cara Delevingne in Red Dress and Sparkly Booties

Cara Delevingne in Jimmy Choo Commercial

Cara Delevingne takes us out on a night in New York City in the Jimmy Choo Cruise 2018 campaign, “Shimmer in the Dark”.

The British fashion model and actress is seen walking through the city streets wearing a short red dress and a pair of black suede booties from the brand’s new collection, with multi scattered crystals and embellished heel that seem to get everyone’s attention. “Nice shoes, lady!” – a guy tells her as she passes by.

Later on, the gorgeous blonde sees a woman wearing another item from the 2018 Cruise collection, champagne glitter leather pointy toe pumps (Lancer 85 – $850), and cannot help but stare at them for a few seconds before continuing on her way. She then stops by a hot dog seller whom she seems to know very well to get her usual because she’s “starving” and, after complimenting the man, telling him he’s beautiful, she turns around. Looking at her as he struts on the sidewalk, he also makes a compliment, exclaiming behind her “Great shoes!”.

As the short film ends, it is revealed that this was not her main destination, though. She was actually heading to an exclusive club called “IWANTCHOO” lots of people seem to be willing to enter judging by the long queue in front of it. She, hoever, doesn’t have to stay in line and goes straight in.

The song used in the commercial is a cover of cover of George McCrae’s 1974 “I Get Lifted”, performed by disco and funk band KC & the Sunshine Band and included on their 1975 album, “KC and the Sunshine Band”.

The booties Cara is wearing in the spot are called “Maine 100” and can be purchased for $1.895.

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