Jet2holidays TV Advert Song – Hand-Holding Couple

Jet2holidays TV Advert

Jet2holidays promotes its package holidays in a new advert, urging viewers to book now for summer 2018.

The 30-second spot, inspired by the famous hand-holding couple travelling the world, with her leading him, by the
hand, through various landmarks, features a young couple doing the same. She is seen holding her partner’s hand while he’s filming the start of their journey, from the airport, to the moment they get on the Jet2holidays plane, the moment they get off the plane, they enter their hotel room, and the rest of the trip, which they spend at the pool, swimming in the sea, having dinner at various restaurants, and having fun in clubs. The twist is that he is also seen leading the way, as well, for a while.

The commercial, set to the rhythms of the 2015 hit single “Hold My Hand” by English singer and songwriter Jess Glynne, ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline, “Package holidays you can trust”.

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