Haig Club David Beckham Advert Song – Leave As You Arrived


David Beckham in Haig Club TV Advert

Haig Club urges you, in a new advert starring David Beckham, to drink responsibly and “leave as you arrived”.

The spot, available as 30- and 60-second versions, is part of the brand’s new “#LeaveAsYouArrived” campaign, aiming to promote responsible drinking in innovative ways.

Directed by Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, the ad features the former footballer (who is also a HAIG CLUB business partner) on a night out in London, in reverse. Yes, the ad plays out in reverse, with the end being in fact the beginning and showing Beckham leaving the bar as he arrived.

The soundtrack music is “Carte Postale by electronic duo Slove (made up of Léo Hellden & Julien Barthe), from their 2011 album, “Le Danse”.

According to the brand, the #LeaveAsYouArrived campaign will roll out globally across social media with additional
exclusive content designed to celebrate drinking in moderation, such as content from various cities across the world featuring real people in #LeaveAsYouArrived moments.

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