GEICO Christmas Commercial Song: Neighbor’s House Seen From Space

Astronaut in GEICO Christmas Commercial

Astronaut in GEICO Commercial

GEICO has launched a new ad to remind people that it can help them not only with car insurance, but also with home, motorcycle, boat and RV insurance.

The spot, titled “Lighten Up”, features two neighbors (played by Brett Rickaby and Rolando Boyce) decorating their houses with Christmas lights. One of them, who’s up on a ladder, tells the other, who’s also on a ladder trying to arrange the lights, that he switched to GEICO and got more. “More savings on car insurance?” – his neighbor asks. At this point, when the camera pans back to the first neighbor, who says “they helped with homeowners, too, plus motorcycle, boat and RV insurance”, we see that his house is turned into a light show so bright that it’s visible from space, an astronaut being almost blinded by the lights. “GEICO got you covered!” – the other neighbor says. “Like a blanket!” – comes the answer.

The spot, that uses a song titled “Good Tidings” from APM, ends with the voiceover telling viewers to “Expect great
saving and a whole lot more”.

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