Gatorade Serena Williams and her Baby Daughter Commercial Song

Serena Williams and her Baby Daughter - Gatorade Commercial

Serena Williams and her Baby Daughter

Serena Williams talks to her newborn daughter in the latest Gatorade commercial, delivering, at the same time, a message to all girls.

“Baby girl, I won’t mind if you play tennis badly. I won’t mind if you choose to never pick up a racquet. But I beg you: in this game of life, please keep playing, no matter what. Just like it taught me, sports will teach you to be strong. You’ll discover the power and grace of your body. You’ll learn to move and you’ll learn the way to move others. Sports will teach you the strenght of your allies whether your bond is by blood or by ball. Whether she shares the color of your skin or the color of your jersey. You’ll find you’re sisters in sweat. Sometimes you’ll score goals, sometimes you won’t, but the goals you set you’ll reach together. You’ll find the courage to stand tall, work harder, and speak louder on whatever playing field you choose in life. So keep playing my girl, keep playing.” – Serena is heard saying to her baby girl, in the spot titled “Sisters in Sweat”, while on screen images of young girls playing various sports, from bascketball to volleyball, football, and more. Album photos featuring Tory Burch (CEO & Designer), Allison Williams (actress), Elaine Welteroth (Editor-in-Chief Teen Vogue), Piera Gelardi (co-founder Refinery29), and Susan Wojcicki (CEO YouTube), are also seen at the end of the spot, that delivers an important message: “The lessons learned in sports will help you win beyond the field.” and encourages all girls to “Keep playing”.

The song playing in the background is a rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire”, a 2012 single included on her
fifth studio album of the same name.

Serena Williams, who’s married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, gave birth to their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., on September 1.

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