FDM Group Christmas Advert Song – People Getting a Job at FDM

FDM Group TV Advert

FDM Group has launched its first ever holiday advert, aiming to encourage people to be positive this season, to keep trying to get the career they want and to not lose hope because there are opportunities out there for them.

The two-minute film, titled “The Season of Opportunity”, tells the story of three different persons – a graduate, a military veteran and a woman returning to work after a career break – who are all dealing with financial issues and are struggling to find a job. They find out about FDM and apply for a job and, eventually, the good news come just right before the holidays, in a nicely wrapped envelope.

Throughout the ad, a song delivering a motivational and empowering message is heard, with lyrics that prove to understand what one feels when finding themselves in a though situation (such as “so you hold yourself down instead of hitting the sky”, “I know it’s hard to think positively when you’re broken in pieces”) and encouraging people to not give up hope because there is a door that’s been left open for them and they won’t be left behind.

FDM Group is an international Professional services company with a focus on IT, composed mostly of recent university graduates, returners to work and ex-military personnel, who are trained in the FDM Group academies before working as consultants for one of FDM Group’s clients, primarily financial institutions and banks around the world. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and also has offices in Leeds, Brighton, Glasgow, Toronto, New York City, Frankfurt, Reston, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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