eBay Christmas Advert Song – Celebrate Christmas Like Nobody Else

eBay Christmas Advert

eBay showcases, in its 2017 Christmas advert, released with the message “Celebrate Christmas like nobody else.”, the variety of products available at its website.

“When did Christmas shopping get so eeeeeeeeeeeige?” – is the question raised at the beginning of the 30-second spot, that continues by featuring people cheering and having fun after unwrapping their Christmas gifts. A range of gift ideas, including original, colorful Christmas decorations, such as Sass & Belle Glitzi Chic Cactus Bauble, a pineapple-shaped bauble, and a fries box-shaped bauble, kitchen utensils, make-up products, electronic devices, and more, is showcased.

The advert, soundtracked by the song “Montage” by Manchester orchestra, which appears on the soundtrack album of the 2016 film “Swiss Army Man”, ends with the onscreen lines “Celebrate Christmas like nobody else. Because you aren’t like anyone else.”. The tagline “Fill Your Cart With Colour” also appears following images of people sitting around the Christmas table, dancing and fighting with snowballs.

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