Domino’s Pizza Advert Song – Dumped Girl Crying (Nathan’s dumped Keeley)

Domino's Pizza Crying Girl Advert - Nathan's dumped Keeley

Domino’s Pizza continues its “The Official Food of Everything” UK campaign with a new ad, highlighting that Domino’s Pizza is “The Official Food of…OMG Nathan’s dumped Keeley…….again!”.

The 20-second spot, created by VCCP and directed by The Bobbsey Twins at Homicide via Blink Productions, features a Keeley, a young girl in the company of her girl friends crying after being dumped by her boyfriend, Nathan. While one of her fellows is seen passing her a tissue disinterestedly and another one giving her a pat on the arm, other friends are seen laughing and looking at the pizza from Domino’s.

The advert, ending with the onscreen line “The Official Food of…OMG Nathan’s dumped Keeley…….again!” and with the strapline “The Official Food of Everything”, is soundtracked by Michael Bolton’s 1989 hit version of “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”.

The campaign includes also other spots with the same lightly comedic touch, aiming to show that ordering from Domino’s is also a way to bring people together.

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