Chick-fil-A Christmas Commercial Music – Catering Cookie Tray

Chick-fil-A Christmas Commercial

Chick-fil-A introduces the punchline “Party season is Chick-fil-A catering season” in a series of new ads, highlighting that Chick-fil-A caters to every course of a party.

One of the 15-second spots, dubbed “Oh Cookie Tray” and soundtracked by an original song set to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree” carol, features a Christmas tree decorated with chocolate chips cookies. “Oh, cookie tray, oh, cookie tray, you make every party more tasty.” – a woman is heard singing, while a cookie is broken in two so that viewers could see how much chocolate there is in it.

Another spot, titled “Nutcracker Office Party” and promoting the Chick-fil-A Catering cookie platters, as well, features a cookie tray on a desk, at an office party, with two Nutcracker soldiers near it, opening their mouths every time a cookie is taken. Obviously, they open and shut their mouths continuously as the sweets are too delicious to remain on the platter for long. As expected, music from Tchaikovsky’s two-act ballet is heard in the background.

“Party season is Chick-fil-A catering season” – the voiceover says at the end of the commercials, that invite viewers to order now from Chick-fil-A catering.

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