Cable Girls Season 2 (Netflix Series) – Trailer Song

Cable Girls Season 2 (Trailer Netflix)

“Our darkest secrets strengthen our deepest friendships.” – this is the message conveyed in the trailer for the second season of Netflix’s original drama series Cable Girls.

Set in 1920s Madrid, the show revolves around four women from different backgrounds newly hired as operators at the National Telephone Company, who struggle to manage romance, friendship and the modern workplace. The season 2, however, set in 1929, brings even more struggle for the four women, who must choose if they leave their fates in the hands of justice or hide a body to keep enjoying their freedom. Scenes revealed in the trailer hint at the tribulations and hardships faced by Lidia, Marga, Carlotta, and √Āngeles, along the way, and at their friendship, that is strengthen by the secret they share. “If the four of us do it together, it will all work out.” – Lidia says to her friends.

The song used in the trailer is the 2017 single “The Fire” by British musician Bishop Briggs (Sarah Grace McLaughlin by her real name), from her debut self titled EP, released on April 14, 2017.

The season 2 of Cable Girls is scheduled to launch on the streaming service on December 25. A third season is ordered for a 2018 release.

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