Bose Maren Morris Commercial Song – SoundLink Micro

Bose Maren Morris Commercial

Bose promotes its SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker in a new commercial, starring country music singer, songwriter, and record producer Maren Morris.

The spot, inviting you to “Be the show” and “Bring the Micro”, features the 27-year-old Grammy-winning country star after a live performance going backstage and unwinding with the throwback R&B hit “Waterfalls” by TLC, that she listens through her SoundLink Micro.

The brand describes the SoundLink Micro as “small, yet powerful”, “super rugged and waterproof” and highlights
that, thanks to its tear-resistant strap, it can be taken everywhere (Maren, for instance, wears it attached to the
handle of her shoulder bag until she leaves the building and then puts it in her bag).

Bose also states that the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker has up to six hours of battery life and when you want even more sound, you can pair two together for Party Mode.

This speaker is available for purchase at the brand’s website for $109.95.

“Waterfalls” is a single from TLC’s second album, “CrazySexyCool”, released in 1995, that was named by Billboard the song #10 on their list of 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time.

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