Blake Shelton – Texoma Shore (Album Tracklist)

Blake Shelton - Texoma Shore

Texoma Shore is the new studio album by American country music singer Blake Shelton, released on November 3, 2017.

“This album takes me back home.” – the artist said in a video posted on his Facebook page, mentioning that it
was recorded on the shore land of Lake Texoma and highlighting that it was “literally, physically done there”. “But even beyond that, haven’t it been recorded there, this is one of those summertime-like albums, that’s what I wanted it to be anyway. And I wanted it to represent something that’s where I’m from”. – he also said.

The album can be purchased in both MP3 ($10.49) and Audio CD ($10.99) on Amazon.


1. I’ll Name the Dogs

2. At the House

3. Beside You Babe

4. Why Me

5. Money

6. Turnin’ Me On

7. The Wave

8. Got the T-Shirt

9. Hangover Due

10. When the Wine Wears Off

11. I Lived It

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