Best Buy Canada Drone Commercial Song – Christmas Gifts

Best Buy Canada Drone Commercial

Best Buy Canada invites people, in a hilarious new commercial, to shop the best tech gifts for the entire family online and in store.

The 30-second spot begins with a man admiring a drone on display in a Best Buy store and clearly day dreaming of owning it. His wife soon shows up and, seeing the object he’s looking at, drags him away. As they both get out of the store, the man turns his head to look one more time at the device that “stole his heart”.

The next scene features the couple and their two kids, a boy and a girl, on Christmas morning, unwrapping gifts. At some point, the woman takes out the drone her husband was so eager to have and, looking straight into his eyes, heads toward him. Overwhelmed by joy, he shows a large smile, but the smile soon vanishes when he sees that his wife is actually going to give the drone to their boy.

The commercial, soundtracked by Canadian singer Emilie Mover’s single “Just Where I Belong” from her 2010 album, “Le Pop Fantastique”, ends with the onscreen line “The best gifts, for the whole family”.

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