Argos Christmas Advert Song – Elf with Robotic Puppy Chasing Santa’s Sleigh

Elf in Argos Christmas TV Advert

Argos has launched its Christmas campaign, featuring an elf racing through the snow to make sure no one is disappointed this holiday season. The advert, created by CHI&Partners and directed by Gary Freedman, promotes, at the same time, the British retailer’s nationwide Fast Track same-day delivery service, that ensures customers have their online orders delivered in as little as four hours.

The 60-second spot, titled “#ReadyForTakeOff”, features a crew of Argos elves working in a distribution centre to help Santa deliver gifts across the country. When Santa’s rocket-powered super-sleigh is ready to take off on its mission, one of the elves finds on the floor an Teksta voice-recognition robotic puppy that was supposed to be delivered to a 9-year-old boy named Tom, whose family gifts are departing from gate 9. Determined to ensure that the puppy makes it to the kid in time for Christmas, the elf starts chasing the sleigh, resorting to all kind of moves, from pulling out all the stops, running up the conveyor belt, jumping out of the distribution centre and driving a vehicle until she reaches the sleigh. Her chase is soundtracked by Sabre Dance, a movement in the final act of Aram Khachaturian’s ballet Gayane.

The advert also highlights that the retailer sells toys with prices ranging from £16.99 to £149.99 and that the same day delivery applies to orders done by 6pm, for store stocked items only, and that heavy & bulky items
are excluded.

Argos’ 2017 Christmas campaign, that debuted on TV on November 3rd, during ITV’s Emmerdale and Channel 4’s Gogglebox, will roll out also digital, social media, print, and in-store.

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