Applebee’s Topped Steak Commercial Song – Dreams Come True

Applebee's Topped Steak Commercial

Applebee’s promotes its “Topped & Loaded” menu in a new commercial, titled “Topped Steak & Twisted Potatoes”.

The spot, featuring steaks topped with various toppers and sides, highlights that you choose your steak, choose your topper, and your taters, all for a starting price of $12.99.

The song playing in the background is the 1981 hit single “You Make My Dreams”, by the American duo Hall & Oates, from their ninth studio album, “Voices”. The song was featured in the several films, including the 1998 The Wedding Singer, the 2003 Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, the 2009 film (500) Days of Summer, as well as in an eHarmony commercial released in 2012.

The Topped & Loaded menu allows you choose from either a chicken breast, bone-in pork chop, or USDA Choice top sirloin steak and have it topped with one of the following three toppers: Marinara Mozzarella Stick Topper (consisting of breaded mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, and parmesan cream sauce), Bacon Beer Cheese (Blue Moon white cheddar beer cheese, bacon, crispy onions, and fresh green onions), and Cajun Shrimp Topper (blackened shrimp, sauteed onions, and savory lemon butter). The selection of sides includes garlicky green beans with bacon, steamed broccoli, classic fries, garlic mashed potatoes.

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