Wall Street Journal Commercial Song – Don’t Wait

Woman in Wall Street Journal Commercial

The Wall Street Journal has launched a new campaign, titled #DontWait, encouraging people to “act on opportunity with unrivaled coverage and insight from The Wall Street Journal and stay in front of the competition”.

The 60-second spot, titled “Good Things Come to Those Who Don’t Wait”, tells the story of a young woman who has
always been determined and did everything she could in order to get what she wanted and pursue her dreams, eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur. Various key moments from her life are seen, such as the moment she made her first steps and went to touch the computer keyboard, the moment she earned her first money by selling lemonade, the moment she went to a boy at a school party and dragged him to the dancefloor, while no one was dancing, and various other moments that show how reading the Wall Street Journal (the print form or the electronic one, on her mobile phone) helped her in several other situations.

The song playing in this commercial is the 1966 hit single “You’re Ready Now” by American singer Frankie Valli,
known as the frontman of The Four Seasons beginning in 1960.

The Wall Street Journal promotes, on this occasion, its “#DontWait” platform, where you can find ambitious stories
and articles approaching various topics, like networking, productivity, leadership, with insights that help you get
ahead, and also its $12 for 12 Weeks Introductory offer, which enables people to get “unrivaled business insights and political analysis”, with unlimited access to its website, mobile and tablet apps, and membership. The cost for this “All Access Digital” pack will be $36.99 + tax per month thereafter.

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