Volkswagen Polo Commercial Song – Father and Son

Volkswagen Polo Commercial - Father and Son

Volkswagen showcases the new Volkswagen Polo in a new commercial, focusing on the Blind Spot Monitor and Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring systems, which allow dads everywhere to relax when their sons are at the wheel.

The spot features a father recalling all the times his son ended up in dangerous situations because of his lack of driving skills. Thus, we can see the boy from his early childhood to his teenage years getting hurt while riding bikes, once after a collision with a neighbor’s trash can, another time after a stunt on an improvised ramp made by him. His father took out the first-aid box and intervened whenever necessary, helped him to get down a tree when he ended up there with his bike, as well, took him to the hospital when he had his hand(s) fractured, and went to check up on him the day his scooter fell into a river.

The ad continues by showing the man sitting in the passenger’s seat in a Volkswagen Polo, while his son, now grown-up, is at the wheel. Their ride is not too smooth, as there are some risky situations, one of them involving a truck in the blind spot and another one a woman rushing in front of the car to gather some oranges, but, thanks to the Blind Spot Monitor and the Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring system, they manage to avoid collisions and accidents.

The song playing in the background is the 2011 single “Lonely Boy” by American rock band The Black Keys, from their 2011 studio album, “El Camino”.

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