Mountain Dew Commercial Song – Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Dewey Ryder

Mountain Dew Commercial - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Mountain Dew has launched a tribute ad for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s retirement, introducing his replacement, “Dewey Ryder”.

The spot features Dewey Ryder (played by Danny McBride), wearing an uniform consisting of shorts and ladies stockings as sleeves, approaching Earnhardt Jr. and telling him “I’m the new you. I’m the guy that Mountain Dew has been looking for. I’m going to be driving race cars super fast in circles. Hobnobbing, endorsementing, riding wild Mountain Dew, all the time.” He then starts looking at the racecar, making all kind of remarks, one of them related to the tires, which he intends to replace, making questions about the speed it gets and the trunk space, as he has some luggage to transport.

He also reveals he has a stunt double, and then takes the bottle of Mountain Dew that Earnhardt Jr. is holding and starts drinking from it as if he was a cool guy in a commercial, but he’s quite actually making a fool out of himself.

The song playing at the end of the commercial is the 2016 single “All The Way Up” by rappers Fat Joe and Remy Ma, featuring American rappers French Montana and Infared.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is actually being replaced by Alex Bowman in the No. 88 Chevrolet next season.

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