Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch Commercial Song – Andreea Diaconu

Model Andreea Diaconu in Michael Kors Smartwatch Commercial

Michael Kors showcases the new Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch, now featuring the Google Assistant, in a new commercial, aiming to point out that “this is the watch that brings your life to life”.

The ad stars Romanian model Andreea Diaconu tackling a non-stop day in New York with her new Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch, which proves to be perfect for the customer who wants not only technological innovation and social connectivity, but also glamorous style. The gorgeous model is seen using the smartwatch for translations, checking her agenda, texts (she receives texts from Michael Kors himself, who lets her know, first, he has something for her), phone calls, social media, her fitness goals, getting directions, looking for information and images on Google.

The day ends for Andreea with a meeting in a fancy restaurant with the famous designer, who compliments her by sending her a text with the message “Wow. You light up the room!”. Afterwards, she is seen, sporting a different outfit, crossing a street, taking a look at one of the photos taken earlier that evening, of her and Michael Kors.

The commercial, soundtracked by the 2017 single “When This Was Fun” by Empyrean Girls, ends with the voiceover saying “the watch that brings your life to life”.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch is, according to the brand, a “sleek and feminine” smartwatch that features
a thin, lightweight profile with a pavĂ© bezel and a full-round 1.19-inch AMOLED display with a 390×390 pixel resolution and an ambient light sensor to enhance battery life. It is offered in eight different plating-and-bracelet combinations, along with seven quick-release interchangeable strap options, and can be purchased for $395.

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