Just Eat TV Advert – Magic is Real

Just Eat Advert Magic

Just Eat has released a new advert to promote its mobile app, titled “Magic is Real”.

“There’s a way to get your dinner without moving from your seat, if you believe in magic tonight you can Just Eat.”- the voiceover says at the beginning of the 30-second spot, which features a woman ordering on Just Eat app and what happens next. The reception guy from a Chinese restaurant starts singing an original song about magic alongside his coworkers (a pizza sorcerer, a wizard of the wok, and a tikka teleporter) while the order is being taken care of.

“Magic is real. It’s contained within an app.” – the guy sings, revealing that a spicy seasoned beef will be prepared. Other meals, like fish & chips, pizza, kebab, and spicy crispy chicken strips, are also mentioned as chefs and restaurant owners are walking in the middle of the street and start dancing.

The advert ends with a delivery guy at the woman’s door, singing while waiting for her to open. “Summon up your favorite takeaway tonight.” – the voiceover says.

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