Jeep & Juventus Commercial Song

Jeep & Juventus Commercial

Jeep has released a new ad to celebrate its status of proud sponsor of the Juventus football club and illustrate the idea that “Jeep and Juventus both share deep-rooted passion and a fighting battlefield spirit, setting them above the rest”.

The 60-second spot, created by agency Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. and titled “Battlefield”, aims to
highlight “there’s no situation harsh enough, no terrain rough enough, no adversary tough enough, or no condition unforgiving enough to make them stop”, and features footage of Juventus players during games alternating with footage of Jeep vehicles speeding down all kind of roads, including rocky and snowy ones, in order to prove the vehicles’ off-road capability on the toughest trails.

The commercial, soundtracked by the 2017 hit single “Believer” by American rock band Imagine Dragons, from their
third studio album, “Evolve”, ends with the onscreen lines “To all the believers who stood up once again. Forged by
the battlefield. Jeep”.

Jeep brand has been a sponsor for since the 2012/2013 football season. Only Juventus players were allowed to wear
the iconic patches during the 2016-2017 season, after winning the 2015–16 title and Coppa Italia.

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