ITV Series: Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua (Trailer Song)

ITV - Bear Grylls vs Anthony Joshua - Bear's Mission

ITV has released a first look trailer for Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua, which will air on Friday 27th of October at 9pm.

The clip features the British boxer, who’s currently a unified world heavyweight champion, revealing that he has never slept outdoor and building, together with Bear, two hammocks in an old ruin which will be their home for the night. Joshua, who also says that Bear has put him through “some real physical stuff” that day, treats his fellow to a boxing lesson.

The boxing champion has also revealed that he’s used to being in the comfort of his living room, he doesn’t like heights, and hates bugs, but accepted the challenge of getting out of his comfort zone, thinking “What’s the worst that can happen?”.

The song used in this trailer is the 2013 single “Do I Wanna Know?” by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys, from their fifth studio album, “AM”, which was nominated, in 2014, for a Grammy Award in the Best Rock Performance category.

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