Forevermark Commercial Song – Tribute Collection

Couple in Forevermark Commercial

The diamond brand Forevermark showcases, in a new commercial, its recently launched Forevermark Tribute diamond jewelry collection, which celebrates women for their unique qualities and characteristics.

The 30-second spot, featuring several women in a variety of situations, highlights that the Forevermark Tribute Collection is “For your independence, for your courage, for your determination, for your playful heart, for your guiding hand, for your spirit, for the way you love.”, shortly “for all your qualities that make you the extraordinary woman that you are.” Among the showcased pieces there are the Forevermark Tribute Collection Braided Five Stone Ring, the Delicate Diamond Ring, the Feminine Diamong Ring, and the Diamond Stackable Ring, which can be worn stacked or layered, the Round Diamond Necklace, the Pear Diamond Necklace, and the Oval Diamond Necklace, all worn together, and the Round and Pear Diamond Drop Earrings.

The song used in the commercial is a cover version of Fatboy Slim’s 1998 hit single “Praise You”, from his second studio album, ȚYou’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”, released in 1998.

The Forevermark Tribute Collection is available for purchase at authorized Forevermark Jewelers and online through select stores.

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