Doctor Foster Season 2 (BBC First Australia Series) – Trailer Song

Doctor Foster Season 2

BBC First Australia has released a trailer for the second season of the award-winning series Doctor Foster, set to premiere Tuesday, October 31st.

The show, created by Mike Bartlett, sees Doctor Gemma Foster, who got divorced by her husband, Simon, after discovering, in season one, that he had cheated on her with a younger woman (Kate), getting her life on track, two years after learning the truth about Simon’s affair. However, the latter returns to town, together with Kate and their daughter, intended to take the son he has with Gemma and erase her out of the picture, which leads to a series of thrilling events.

The cast includes Suranne Jones as Doctor Foster, Bertie Carvel as Simon, Jodie Comer as Kate, and others.

The song used in the trailer is “No Love” by Extreme Music, composed by Tony Lee Stafford Jr, Michael Dennis Smith, and NineOneOne, and appearing on the 2017 album “Electro Blues”.

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