Advert Song: James Corden Sheep Whisperer TV Advert - James Corden Sheep Whisperer

James Corden is a sheep whisperer in the latest advert, part of the “Drivers Win” campaign, which promotes its service offering car finance comparison and highlights that 50% of users could save up to £289 on car insurance.

The spot features the comedian at the wheel of a car, encountering a flock of sheep in the middle of the road.
“Oh, sheep!” – he shouts and then, telling the guy he’s travelling with that he’s “got this”, gets out of the car and approaches the ovines. “Guys, everybody go to the side of the road.” – he asks, but with no success. After another failed attempt, he eventually manages to make the sheep go to the side of the road by mistake, while shouting in despair, with his hands raised towards the sky, “What do I have to do?”. “I’m a sheep whisperer.” – he then says looking at his hands. Shortly after, the other drivers stuck in the “jam” are able to continue their journey.

The song used in the ad is the 1982 single “Town Called Malice” by British band The Jam, from their album “Precious”.

Corden, who’s the ambassador of since the summer of 2016, appeared in other ads, as well. In one of
them, released at the beginning of this year, he’s driving through Hollywood and the heavy LA traffic and performs a difficult parallel park outside a Tinseltown eatery.

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