Citi Commercial Song – Man Riding Shopping Cart

Citi Commercial - Man Riding Shopping Cart

Citi has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Welcome What’s Next”, to promote its products and services, including its Credit Cards, that offer low introductory interest rates, no annual fees, rewards or cash back, the Citi Private Pass, and the Citi Mobile App.

The main idea behind the campaign, created in collaboration with agency Publicis, is actually a question: “What if a bank could help you feel a little more of this?” – related to a series of feelings that people experience in various moments. One of these moments is illustrated in a spot dubbed “Joy Ride”, which features a middle-aged man going out of a supermarket and riding his shopping cart down the parking lot, on his way to the car, just enjoying the moment, without caring about what others might think of him. In the background, the lyrics “Here comes your man”, which are the chorus of Pixies’ 1989 hit single “Here comes your man”, are heard. The song, written and sung by the alternative rock band’s frontman, Black Francis, appears on their second album, “Doolittle”.

Citi’s range of credit cards includes Double Cash Card, which enables customers to earn cash back with 1% on purchases and 1% as they pay for those purchases, Simplicity Card, which has no late fees or a penalty rate, ThankYou Preferred Card, which enables customers to earn 2X points on Dining Out & Entertainment, and Diamond Preferred Card, which gives customers the chance to save with a low intro rate and no annual fee while enjoying dependable protection benefits.

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