Call of Duty: WWII Reassemble – Trailer Song

Call of Duty: WWII Trailer

Call of Duty has launched a live-action trailer, titled “Reassemble” for the war series’ return to World War II.

The trailer, set to the rhythms of “Figure It Out” by Royal Blood and urging viewers to get their squad back together, features would-be players running around town to find the other members of their team. One of them leaves the office with a friend that announces him that Call of Duty is back to WWII, another one, eating snacks in a supermarket, joins them with no hesitation, another one is waiting for them and jumps into the car asking what took them so long, another fellow, named Garcia, who’s got himself a wife and kids now, also joins them.

The rest of the squad includes a guy involved in a bar fight, a new mom known as “the sharp shooter”, who’s the best at darts, and a gorgeous model who leaves her rich partner, telling him she and her team have work to do.

The game, which can be pre-ordered on disc or digital download, will be released on November 3rd for PC, Xbox
One and PS4.

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