C&A Feel Good Fashion Commercial Song

C&A Commercial - Feel Good Fashion

C&A showcases its fall collection of cardigans and jerseys in a new commercial, titled “Feel Good Fashion” and aiming to encourage women to feel good and beautiful regardless of their size, body type or age.

“Let’s start every day with a question: How do I want to feel today? Let’s look as great as we are.” – the voiceover says at the beginning of the spot, directed by Noe and produced by Bubbles, which features several women waking up in the morning and putting on comfortable clothes. “Let’s shine bright with confidence. Let’s simply dress warm. Let’s feel special. In every outfit. Let’s cuddle through the day. Let’s feel just the way we are: amazing!” – the voiceover adds, while on screen the women are seen going through the day with confidence and positive energy, smiling and enjoying every minute, before meeting up at a rooftop party and revealing they are actually best friends.

The song used in the ad is the 2017 single “Butterflies” by Berlin-based producer Beckett, featuring Montreal’s singer Claire Ridgely.

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