Bromans (ITV2 Series) – Trailer Song


Bromans (ITV2 Series)

ITV2 has released a trailer for the upcoming episode of Bromans, featuring wrestling scenes in the Colosseum.

The reality-show follows eight modern day couples as they are transported back to the ancient Rome and put through their paces living and fighting like the great warriors did 2000 years ago. With “accommodation” inside a Roman palace, they wear leather loin cloths, gold lame pants, and sandals, and perform various activities. Men train to see if they can cut it as gladiators, with former gladiator David McIntosh giving them, on a daily basis, physical activities designed to build up their strength, and their girlfriends, besides helping them train, engage in ancient Roman tasks, like winemaking and sculpting.

Actor Tom Bell plays McIntosh’s assistant, Dominus, who represents the “eyes and ears of the elusive Emperor”.

The trailer for episode 4, featuring the lads wrestling in the Colosseum, is soundtracked by Miley Cyrus’ 2013 hit single “Wrecking Ball”, from her fourth studio album, “Bangerz”, released in 2013.

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