Beats by Dre Beats X Liza Koshy Commercial Song – Built for Bosses

Liza Koshy in Beats by Dre Commercial

Beats by Dre continues its #BuiltForBosses ad campaign, promoting the Beats X earphones, with a series of new
spots featuring Liza Koshy.

The 21-year-old actress and YouTube personality appears as herself in a 30-second spot, in which she uses the Beats X to take calls and handle her business all day long, in all kind of places, including the toilet. She is first seen saying Bye to her followers and then taking off to a series of meetings, one of them in a restaurant from where she’s kicked out. “I don’t think we can film here anymore.” – she tells someone during a conversation via her Beats X while a security guard is escorting her out of an $1 store. “This edit looks great. No, why would I be on the toilet?” – she asks her interlocutor during another conversation via her earphones while actually sitting on the toilet, with the laptop on her knees. Finally, she is seen in disguise in the city, chased by a crowd of fans.

The song used in the ad is the 2017 single “DNA.” by Kendrick Lamar, from his fourth studio album, “Damn”.

Liza Koshy, who stars in the Hulu original TV series “Freakish” as Violet Adams, also appears in a series of videos called “Boss Tips with Liza Koshy”, in which she gives boss tips. “Practice, practice, practice!”, “Be yourself.” and “Treat yourself.” – are only some of the tips she has shared so far.

The #BuiltForBosses campaign, launched a month ago, also features Tom Brady.

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