Wild Turkey Bourbon Commercial Song: Matthew McConaughey & Davie

Matthew McConaughey - Wild Turkey Bourbon Commercial

Matthew McConaughey stars in a new commercial for the iconic American bourbon Wild Turkey.

The spot, which is also directed by the Academy award winning actor as the brand’s creative director, features McConaughey walking through the city streets, at night, holding a bottle of Wild Turkey. On his way, he passes by a Davie’s touring car, by a club, and flirts with a blonde woman, after whom he turns his head. Eventually, he meets up with New Jersey-native artist/songwriter/producer Davie (James David Treadwell by his real name), who’s sitting on a chair, by the fire, enjoying a beautiful view of the city and singing a part of his single “Testify”.

“We didn’t set out to make a hit. We just sang our song.” – a voiceover of McConaughey says, adding, at the end of the commercial, “Real Bourbon. No Apologies.” and the brand’s tagline, “It’ll find you”.

Matthew McConaughey made his directorial debut as creative director for Wild Turkey last year, with a commercial in which he plays the piano while a young woman pours Wild Turkey into a glass and makes her way through a crowd to bring it to him.

Davie’s “Testify” was featured also in the premiere episode of Grey’s Anatomy’s 13th season, which aired September 22, 2016 on ABC, and in episode #113 of NBC’s hit drama This Is Us, which aired January 24, 2017.

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